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A Special Webpage

Specifically for Birders Who Photograph


Installment 1:

Cameras/Lenses for Birding

My 'walkaround camera' is featured below.

(A Nikon DSLR with a 70-300mm Vibration Reduction telephoto lens; "Crop Factor"= 450mm)

You can see from the comparison to the coffee cup, it's very compact.



What can this diminutive 70-300mm lens do?

The resident Pintail Drake at Kennecott Nature Center stood clear

of the water providing this image which was cropped moderately here.



Severely 'cropping' the above image still provides great detail!




My Largest Birding Setup...




Same Camera/lens setup... Fully Extended, Ready for Work, with a

"Multi-Power Battery Grip", providing 8 frames/second rapid firing.

Crop Factor: 600mm

This lens is back from Nikon Repair,updated to "FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS"

(better than when purchased new!)




My New Favorite... Nikon 300mm AFS f4 lens with 1.4 Teleconverter,

The Sharpest Telephoto I own!!

(unfortunately, no image stabilization {VR}).

Magnification: 420 mm

Crop Factor= 610mm