Rich B Young


Apparent Breeding Behavior With NECOs


Mill Race Pond, Taylorsville, Ut.

July 1, 2010




A Pair of NECOs, beginning what appeared to be sexual behavior.


I wish to emphasize the presence of extended gular sacs on both birds.

This, I believe, adds further evidence that pink gular sacs among NECOs is

A CHARACTERISTIC OF THE SPECIES, heretofore not published.


Notice the pink gular sac extension on the 'male' bird



In this 'dance', there was no violence as seen in the "Social Signaling" series.

A gentle and slow series of movements are seen here.



The 'assumed' female now begins to display her pink gular sac, with mouth agape.

These 2 birds are the same pair seen in the 'head-thrust' Courtship series



As this scenario progressed, I was impressed with a 'gentleness' shared between these birds



Here again, as seen in the 'Courtship' series, we see the beginning of 'feeding' behavior.



The male begins a 'headthrust' action here.

This behavior was also demonstrated more extensively on another day (here)



I emphasize, the behavior seen here is progressing slowly and methodically.



This appears to be violent behavior, but it was not.



Final image